Friday, May 22, 2015

5 Nerdiest Things I've Ever Done

I've always been kinda eccentric and nerdy, but I haven't really done anything too crazy like tattoos or LARP-ing, although I was around for a LARP-ing session once and I was super confused. Sadly I don't have pictures of all my nerdiness, but I'll try to recount a few.

1. Dyed my hair purple so I could look more like Sailor Saturn
In high school, I was really into Sailor Moon, and so were some of my friends. They did fun stuff like make Sailor Moon playlists (on tape), and assigned everyone a Senshi and I got Sailor Saturn (Not sure how they picked them, maybe birthday's or characteristics). On my best friend's last day of high school we were going to a big lunch date with everyone and I had a friend dye my hair purple to play my part. I'm kinda shy about dressing in costumes, but I'll dye my hair any day!

2. Ran around a salon cheering, "I look like Jerrica!"
When I was little I loved Jem and the Holograms. I doubt it was my first haircut, but it's the 1st I remembered. I got a sweet lob like Jerrica (my hair was weirdly yellow from being outside too much). I was ecstatic that I looked just like like her and promptly let the world know...a lot!

3. Joined a beginners ballet class in college.
I've always loved ballet, but growing up they didn't offer any classes where I lived. I guess I was going through a post break up crisis in college and decided I was going to do everything I've ever wanted to do. So I sign up for classes, pay for a month's worth and buy a ton of cute ballet stuff...and the beginner class is for 5 year olds. My sister went with me and was the only witness to my embarrassment of being assigned the part of Glinda the Good Witch.

4. Waited in the freezing cold to see She & Him
As much as I love Zooey Deschanel, I have to say this was not worth it. A friend and I waited for hours to have a good spot at this outdoor concert during SXSW 2010. Of course it was running late, and then Zooey couldn't figure out how to turn on her keyboard, and it was a big let many live shows are. Needless to say I'm still a fangirl and will buy the albums, but I won't freeze to death to see them live again.

5. I was in a punk rock band.
I played a bass guitar that I was more worried about putting stickers on than actually mastering and I wore that Spongebob wrist thing everywhere. I was such a nerd, but being in a band was cool. We had a lot of fun and that's what counts.


  1. These are excellent! Does suck about She & Him though...waiting forever for a show that is rather poo is definitely NOT fun.

  2. Love the dyed hair. Definitely nerd-worthy! :)

    1. Thank you! I do have a thing for dying my hair since then!

  3. The ballet story is cracking me up!

    1. It's super embarrassing, but super anyway lol

  4. I like the fact the list is alternative nerdy things - especially the no.2 :)