Thursday, May 21, 2015

One Little Word

Reflecting on 2014, and looking back on the goals I made this time last year has been wild. I can't believe how far I've grown as a business person + artist. Even though I made those goals, I never looked at them again, but I managed to knock it out of the park anyway.

I always have the best of intentions, but I think the process of just making some goals helps me start the year off right (even if I never look at them again).

Last year I chose FOCUS as my One Little Word. I think I focused on my business a lot, but not my personal health (which will be a big focus this year!)

This year I chose:

There were so many different definitions of the word CURATE as it has evolved over time, and I felt that so many bits and pieces of each definition fit with the direction I'm headed as a person + small business owner.

1. I want to curate Scrawny Girl in 2015.

I want Scrawny Girl to have a particular aesthetic with the shop having purposefully selected (amazing!) items. This means quality over quantity. I won't be carrying as many items + there will be limited runs to make way for new designs as I make them.

This also means an increase in prices. I've had the mentality that I needed to price things a certain way to sell, but in doing so I was barely scraping by and paying a lot out of pocket. I hope this doesn't scare any of you away, but I need to do this in order to keep Scrawny Girl going and to help support my family.

2. I want to curate me.

I plan to invest more time in personal care. This past year I let that slide and I'm definitely disappointed in myself. Taking more time for me is crucial this year. Of course that means the usual eating healthy + exercise (gotta loose the 30 lbs I've gained since having Amelia! Yikes!), but also making a work schedule, taking days off, being in charge of my days.

3. I want to curate my home.

This mostly consists of a continuation of decluttering and minimalizing. Taking more time to care for our home + filling it with memories. There are so many projects we want to do around here and I'd like this year to be the year we actually get a few done. :)

It's weird how I think about this One Little Word each year as I'm reminded of the project to the point where it makes my brain hurt. Then suddenly it's like the word just finds me. It's popping up everywhere and then everything just comes together.

What is your One Little Word this year?

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