Friday, June 30, 2017

Shop Update + Where are the stickers?

Yesterday I updated the shop with some of the fabric samples, notebooks, and VERY LAST of the HQ Wizard cards I've been hoarding. Things have been going fast (especially the cards!).

I'm sad this design won't be around any more, but I just finished sketches for another Harry Potter-ish design. Hopefully it will fill that Harry Potter hole in everyone's hearts.

You may have noticed all my stickers are gone from the shop. I am currently working on mystery sticker packs with what I have printed (and not cut yet >_<) of some of my favorite geeky designs. I've decided to redo the stickers (possibly on sheets) so I can use my cutting machine instead of cutting them all out by hand.** There will be Harry Potter/Villains stickers in these mystery packs since I won't be selling them any longer.

Make sure to check out what's left in the shop and keep an eye on Instagram or Facebook for when the mystery packs will be released!

Thank you for all the support! xo