Thursday, February 25, 2016

Arty Grandma Life

I made a joke on my Instagram about going back to living my 'arty grandma life' when I dyed my hair back pink. I've just been embracing it since I realized I was a hipster, but the uncool mom retired hipster.

Most days you will find me in leggings or workout clothes, but I try to get dressed a couple days a week on the off chance it motivates me to actually get some work done. When I'm not attempting to motivate myself to work, I'm potty training the threenager + watching Korean drama's.

To get the arty grandma look/life:

  • Head to your local thrift store and purchase some overalls + an over-sized cardigan or two. 
  • Order some large thick framed glasses from Warby Parker.
  • Buy lots of novelty mugs (can also be found at the thrift store).
  • Stock up on fun printed socks from Happy Socks.
  • Dye your hair some wacky color that will have your neighbors staring at a rare sighting of you at the mail box.
  • Make sure to drink your big mug of coffee on your way to the mail box. 
  • Watch Korean Dramas until 2am.
  • Draw something everyday.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pink Study Week 2

For week 2 of my pink study, I used the prompts from #yayeveryday2016 by I Like Cats. It was definitely a challenge, especially trying to draw with my right hand, but fun too!

Day 7: Draw with other hand. As a kid I could write with both hands, but I'm out of practice. It was easier to draw with pencil than to go over it in marker.

Day 6: Hugs. I love hugging my kiddo! She's just too cute!

Day 5: Coffee, coffee, coffee. I really wasn't feeling this day, but I do love coffee.

Day 4: all eyes on you. This is how I feel sometimes going out in public with brightly colored hair. Kids especially like to point and state how I obviously have pink hair....

Day 3: pom pom. I had no idea what to do for this day, but I've always wanted to make a pom pom garland to go in my little studio space. Also, the way I wear my hair kinda looks like pom pom's. This is me working + watching Shadowhunters....don't ask me why I keep watching it, it's awful.

Day 2: constellation. I decided to switch over to my new sketchbook for this day, and instantly regretted it. The paper is awful! It just absorbs all the ink + bleeds like crazy. I found a couple of old moleskine cashiers that I will use up until I can find the kind of paper I'm looking for.

Day 1: new beginnings. New month = a new book for book club. We are reading Big Magic, but I'm only on like page 5....

I have to say I am not loving copics, but maybe it's because I haven't found the right paper. I also wanted to use Copic Ciao markers, but they didn't carry them at Hobby Lobby + Dick Blick was sold out of the individual colors.

I'm currently using Copic sketch in R81 (Rose Pink), RV04 (Shock Pink), RV55 (Hollyhock), + RV14 (Begonia Pink). I also grabbed one Winsor & Newton pigment marker, but I definitely don't like the way it writes on the paper I have.

Let me know your favorite markers + sketching paper for ink. xo