Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change your shop name?

It was time. The name Scrawny Girl was rooted in my dolls and illustration style at the time. It was based on a childhood nickname, and I felt it was time to let my business grow with me. I wanted to keep some of the same elements from Scrawny Girl and that's why quirky is in the new name. Also, my love of Hello Kitty inspired the Hello. It's not super deep, but I think it fits.

What hair dye do you use?

Manic Panic Amplified Cotton Candy Pink with a squirt or two of Beyond the Zone Party Time Pink.

Where can I get a Harry Potter mug?

In my Society 6 shop: here! This design is no longer available due to my design being constantly stolen. Sorry folks.

What watercolors do you use?

Talens Angora Watercolor Pans. You can find them here.

Where did you get your logo stamps?

Twin Soul Art made them for me! Jeanne has amazing customer service and turn around! I recommend her to anyone looking for custom stamps!

Why did you move your shop to Etsy?

I've tried almost every e-commerce selling platform. I switched to Etsy for ease and low maintenance. As a mom of a very active toddler, my work time is limited. During my work time I want to be creating new products, not messing with my site. I also love the Etsy apps, which make it easy for me to take care of things on the go.

Where can I buy your original watercolors?

If there is one you are interested in purchasing an original, feel free to contact me at helloquirkyshop@gmail.com.

Where can I buy your custom Harry Potter fabric?  

ONLY on Spoonflower: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/helloquirky
My Harry Potter fabric is not available at this time.

Can you make me (_________) out of the Harry Potter fabric? 

Sorry, no. I don't have any of the fabric on hand, and my sewing skills are limited at best. 

Custom Order + Licensing Information

Do you take custom orders? Design logos? or other freelance work?

I don't take custom orders, design work, or extra freelance work at this time. To know when I will be taking custom orders, please sign up for my newsletter.

If I have designed a sticker for you in the past, I am able to reprint the stickers for you as long as you have the design file, (please note my pricing has changed). Please read my Terms and Conditions below regarding custom stickers and logos.

Terms and Conditions of Use for Scrawny Girl/Hello Quirky design work:

Scrawny Girl/Hello Quirky provides one of a kind designs for personal and small business use, subjected to the following conditions. Please read them carefully and contact me with any questions.

Each item sold in this shop is copyrighted by Scrawny Girl/Hello Quirky and all credit for the designs must be attributed appropriately. Claiming the work of Scrawny Girl/Hello Quirky as your own is prohibited.

All designs made are for personal use only. IF you are using items to create and sell, you must obtain licensing.

Sticker designs may be used for stickers only!
You can NOT create (without obtaining licensing):
  • Items intended for sale
  • Marketing material (such as business cards, postcards, pins, or thank you notes)
  • Logo designs
  • fabric
  • iPhone cases
  • Stand alone prints
  • Items on 3rd party sites such as Café Press, Zazzle, or Society 6
  • T-shirts
This list is not all inclusive, but gives a general example.

Terms and conditions have the right to be modified or changed without notice.

If you would like to use a sticker design as or part of your logo, please contact me for licensing.

**This page is a work in progress and will be updated periodically. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions. 


  1. Hey, I had a quick question. My name is Janelle Reinhardt, and I run a custom fabric printing group on Facebook called PNW Fabrics. A couple of my members saw your Supernatural and Doctor Who designs on Spoonflower, and asked me to see if I could work out an agreement with you to allow me to run your designs in my group. I tend to have small runs, generally less than 25 yards/print and usually only around 150-200 yards total for a print order. I currently print on knit and cotton woven, with minky on request.

    You are welcome to contact me via Facebook or the group, or you can email me at pnwfabrics@gmail.com

    1. Hi Janelle. Thank you for the inquiry. I am currently only putting my designs on Spoonflower. Thanks!