Friday, April 28, 2017

Supernatural Stickers

I realized I had never made these cute Supernatural guys into stickers! They are now available in my shop!

I made these a tad smaller, so you get 2 of each design. I'll be testing out new stuff + would love your feedback!

PS If you are a fan of Supernatural, you can find this design on fabric too!

Short post, but I hope everyone is having a good weekend! xo

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shop Reopened!


I've finally reopened my shop! I kept thinking I needed to wait until I've made a new collection + products. I couldn't decide what platform I wanted to use. Stuck in indecision, I just didn't do anything.

I finally kicked myself out of my weirdness and just decided to reopen. I had so much encouragement from everyone, which made me remember people liked some of my older products. I am slowly working on new stuff, but for now you can find some old favorites. (There are new sticker packs and fabric samples available though.)

I decided to use both Etsy + Big Cartel. (Etsy for the marketplace and Big Cartel for my own site that is under my control for the most part.)

Etsy is always making changes, which is hard to keep up with or annoying for sellers + buyers. Big Cartel is a flat fee and super chill, without all the craziness of Shopify. I almost thought about Storenvy again, but last time I ended up charged with so many hidden fees I didn't feel it was worth it. I would recommend trying them out to find what works for you. (End platform rant)

Thank you for the continued support and look forward to new products soon!! xo

Monday, April 10, 2017

New Fabric: Harry Potter Villains

I just got the new sample of my fabric in the mail! I really love how the blue background came out and makes the characters pop!

Someone on Instagram suggested I do non-directional fabric, which I tried on this one. I plan to do a non-directional of my first HP fabric, with a possible colored background. It's on the list of things to do...

You can find the fabric here and the sticker pack here.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The 100 Day Project

Instagram is my jam. I check it a million times a day I saw the #The100DayProject and how many of the artists and creatives I follow were starting this week. I thought this would be a good way to kick start getting out of my own creative run and try something new.

I've been bored with my art recently. It feels repetitive and unoriginal...something is lacking which in turn is making feel depressed about creating in general. I decided to pick a theme for this project that did not involve drawing people. Instead I'm drawing kawaii food!

I even started a Pinterest board, so you can see where I'm getting my inspiration from. So far this project has been fun. I'm not thinking too much about these little drawings, just sketching it out, adding some watercolor and outlining in my Moleskine.

You can find out more about The 100 Day Project here.

PS I've opened my shop + will be adding more as soon as I get the new stuff made! xo

Monday, March 27, 2017

Artistic Style

I was asked recently about how I developed my artistic style. In my mind I was screaming, still working on it! Of course I don't remember what I said, because I was panicking. Artistic style is always one of those things I'm stressing out about and trying to continue to develop. I feel like I'm the last person to go to for advice.

Artistic style is something I've slowly been working on in regards to custom portraits. I feel like all of my characters look the same, and I've been trying to break the mold I seem to be working from (even though I'm not sure how to do that). I was asked to draw some portraits recently, and my first instinct was to say no, because I'm just not ready. Instead I said yes, and drew them and I hated them, but they liked them and that's what matters....right?

A few things I've been trying:
  • Speed sketching while I watch cartoons with my kid. I will try to draw characters and things from whatever show she is watching. I'm trying to think less and draw more. 
  • Looking though old sketches and "Frankenstein-ing" things I loved about those with my current "style". 
  • Drawing more!

If you have questions about developing your artistic style I suggest:
Let me know your thoughts on developing your artistic style. xo

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Supporting Other Creatives

This year I haven't created much at all. I read books, crochet, drink coffee, and watch anime. I've been unmotivated and in the biggest slump. So far 2017 has brought me stress in the form of art theft that has left me bitter and on the verge of just giving up and becoming the cat lady I always wanted to be.

I follow lots of creatives on social media. I love supporting other artists and buy their amazing products + art whenever I can. Recently, a few creatives have inspired me and I decided to support them by becoming a Patreon.

Sonya Cheney has been such a huge inspiration throughout the years that I've followed + talked to her here in this crazy internet land. She has such a beautiful + deep soul. She knows who she is and what she wants from her dreams and life. I enjoy her zines and seeing little peeks into her very cute life. Her drive + passion for writing inspired me to sit down and think about what I'm doing and what I have a passion for. That maybe I could continue doing the things I enjoy even in the face those who would try and take it from me.

You can find Sonya's blog here and support her on Patreon here

Fran of Frannerd is one of my favorite artists + YouTubers. She reminds me so much of one of my friends that I haven't talked to in a long time. I love how down to earth and real she is about illustration + just living the artist life in general. I always look forward to her YouTube videos + she has inspired me to try new art supplies + techniques. 

You can find her YouTube here and support her on Patreon here.

I'm new to Patreon, but let me know who you support or if you have your very own Patreon! xo

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Art Theft

I woke one day this week to several messages saying they saw my Harry Potter design being sold through TeeChip with no credit to me as the designer. As I checked out the campaign saying it was a best seller, I was heart broken to see that whoever this "seller" was who posted my work to this site didn't even bother to try changing my art that they stole. Every brushstroke was still the same as the original. I was so angry!

After sending a quick email politely asking TeeChip to take down my stolen artwork, they auto responded with a page of things I needed to do in legal jargon that made no sense. I'm a small fry who makes art when I have time, so I don't have a lawyer to take care of these types of things for me. So I did what any other sensible person would, I googled "how to get my stolen art taken off TeeChip".

Turns out this is a pretty regular thing for TeeChip, but being a professional and following their rules is the only way to get them to listen. I found this amazing article by Effing Decaf on Tumblr that said everything I could possibly say here and give you the what's the what on getting that DMCA ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice written and guess what? It worked. Next morning I woke up to the campaign taken down and a very professional reply from a member of TeeChip's Copyright team.

Obviously this isn't the end of my struggles. I don't know who this "seller" is as TeeChip is the only one I could deal with in this situation. I'm sure whoever thought it was okay to steal my artwork in the first place won't mind trying to sell it again on another platform.

I'm grateful for this community I have and that you guys are looking out for me. I appreciate the support more than I could ever put into words. As an artist you get sensitive about your work and it was nice to not feel alone while going through this. So thank you all so much! xo