Friday, August 30, 2019

Project 333 Fall Edition

Disclaimer: I know this post isn't art related, but minimalism is something I read and think a lot about. We are in the process of moving into a minimalist way of life that works for our family. :)

I've been a little obsessed with capsule wardrobes for the past couple of years. I'm that person who has a closet bursting at the seams, but never has anything to wear. I fell into the trap of de-cluttering my closet, only to listen to all those minimalist fashion bloggers who said I needed to buy these things to have the perfect capsule wardrobe. Of course now I have a closet bursting at the seams with more things I don't wear. Seems silly.
I stumbled upon Project 333 and read the rules and decided this was something do-able for me. I don't have to buy anything. I don't even have to technically get rid of anything. This experiment will help me hone my style (which is all over the place right now), give me structure and a time limit. Essentially, I pick 33 items and wear those items for 3 months. You just pack away the rest of your closet. Easy.
I wanted to share my 33-ish items to keep myself accountable. I plan to start my Project 333 on September 1st. I use the Cladwell app to keep my closet organized, on my phone at least.

I technically have 34 items since one of the t-shirts I only wear on Fridays to my daughters homeschool co-op. I like bright colors and fun patterns, but I actually had more neutral colored things than I thought. I'm hoping I stick with this experiment and I will do another post in 3 months to tell you my findings.
PS I sell some of my new/gently worn items on Poshmark. I also try to buy things used on Poshmark too these days. So I won't be linking my items since many are old or used.
Are you into minimalism? Capsule wardrobes? Let me know in the comments!

HQ Book Club- Find Your Artistic Voice by Lisa Congdon

I decided to start my own little book club, right now party of one, but feel free to join in. This month I am reading "Find Your Artistic Voice" by Lisa Congdon. I've been a huge fan of Lisa's work and read several of her other books and taken a few of her online courses. She's such a huge inspiration on following your dreams, no matter the circumstances.

Please let me know if you read along and we can have a discussion on social media. I'll be doing another blog post to let you know my thoughts too!
PS Let me know what books you'd like us to read together! xx

Current Art Supplies

I don't know about you, but as an artist I'm always interested in art supplies and what supplies other artists use. It's always nice to try new things, but at the same time you have your tried and true favorites. 
  • Last year I went through a watercolor pencil phase and ordered several different types of watercolor pencils. I realized I needed a nice pencil sharpener and ordered this one from Faber-Castell, bonus points that it's cute!
  • Washi tape is always in my pencil pouch. I don't have a light board, so I use my backdoor window. I just make a copy (on my printer) of the page from my sketchbook, tape it to the window and then tape my watercolor paper on top of it to trace my image for inking. Also, sometimes I rip pages out of my sketchbook or use small scraps and need to tape them back in. Pink washi can be found here and the white washi was a gift from a friend who went to Japan.
  • I'm a big fan of Sakura products in general. They're easy for me to find and the quality is just what I need. I've been using them from the beginning and always feel bad/regret when I try a new ink pen. I've tried every size of the Micron pen and 5 is my number. I actually bought a box of 14 of these on Amazon so I wouldn't run out for a while (I'm pretty hard on my pens). 
  • I've tried a ton of sketchbooks and I keep coming back to Moleskine. The size and paper are just right for my needs. This is always a personal preference and it just takes a lot of trial and error to find your dream sketchbook. I like to decorate mine with stickers.
  • My best friend got me a whole set of these Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils for my birthday a few years ago (and that's why she's my BFF, she is just the best). These are the most amazing pencils for sketching! I actually learned about these from watching Frannerd YouTube videos. These are the 2 colors I use the most right now, and they are my 'lucky' pencils. 
  • I used to paint with several brushes, and saw this Aquash Water Brush from Pentel on a YouTube video and ordered a set on Amazon and it was a life changer. This is the ONLY brush I use, and it's stayed in amazing condition. Also, it's a snap to put away when the baby wakes from her nap suddenly. 
  • I only use mechanical pencils to trace my work onto watercolor paper. These 2 are my favorites and I usually loose one, but it turns up eventually. 
  • Pentel Techniclick
  • Sakura127
Let me know some of your favorite supplies, I'd love to try them!

New HQ Fabrics + Design Challenges

It had been a while since I had created a new fabric design. I was stuck in a design rut, and wanting to move away from fandom designs. One day I got an email about the Spoonflower Design Challenges. The prompts were pretty simple and open ended. I decided I would challenge myself to enter 2 designs a month. This has really prompted me to get new designs made and step away from fandom art.

This Cute Dinosaur fabric was my first entry, and even though I didn't win, it was super fun to make and now one of my favorite designs.

This Pirate themed fabric is my latest entry (and last one for this month). Voting begins Thursday, August 8th and ends August 13th.
Thank you to everyone who has voted and supported me! I really appreciate it!
PS These fabrics are available as soon as I get my samples in the mail. Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram to know when they are available for purchase.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

It's National Letter Writing Month!

Being the super thoughtful person you are, I'm sure you already knew it was National Letter Writing Month. I'm actually really bad at keeping up with all these fun national days/months (like Find a Rainbow Day). Cards are a fun way to send a hello, a little pick me up, an I Love You!, or a festive hooray!

Your stationary should reflect your personality. I love a cute water-colored card or of course anything featuring Hello Kitty!

It feels as good to send a card as it does to receive one! I hope you take some time to send someone something special this month!

Stay cute!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hello Quirky & VIP Friends Facebook Group

I took an extra long maternity leave/social media break, and when I came back recently if felt like a whole new world. I've been learning about all sorts of new things small fries like me need to do to get our work/products seen.

I created a VIP Facebook group, just for fans of Hello Quirky Design and lovers of kawaii + geeky stuff. You can expect to hear about all the upcoming HQ Design news first, but it's also a community for kawaii + geeky lovers. I'm interested in creating a kawaii corner on the internet to connect with people who are interested in the things I'm interested in and maybe make some new friends.

A long time ago, I remember talking to some arty internet buds about creating an online community and now the time has come. I hope you will come be apart of a fun group where you can be yourself and share your art, passions, and fandom!

I would love your feedback on the group and current/future HQ Design products! You can join here!

Stay Cute! xx

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Free Shipping Worldwide

This week Spoonflower is offering free shipping worldwide! I know this is a huge deal to anyone not in the US, because the cost of postage is bananas. I hope you all get to take advantage of this deal.

I am currently working on spring fabric designs and more geeky cuteness! Even though I was hoping to have a collection ready by March, I'm not rushing the process. I want to make sure I put out my best work and I want to release a cohesive collection this season.

Let me know if there are any designs you would like to see in the future. I always keep a list of ideas.

Stay Cute x