Thursday, May 21, 2015

Follow Friday: Kwanalee

Follow Friday is my ode to rad people on the internet. I love finding new people, blogs, and artist to follow. I hope you will check them out and show them some love for sharing their passion and lives with us!
Kendra Miller the artist behind Kwanalee is from Springfield, MO. I stumbled upon her art on the Instagram explore page. She paints and illustrates in all the geeky subject matter that I love!
All of her illustrations are bright, fun, and full of a quirky whimsy that makes me want to buy them all! Everything from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and even my love Jon Snow to make all your geeky decor dreams come true!
I love the collaboration she did with Culture Flock Clothing! This tote and t-shirt with the print that says Girls Like Comics Too has been a big hit! I get asked every time I wear mine out where I got it. I hope they continue to print this design and make it in kids sizes, because I know there are lots of little girls out there reading comics and kicking butt.
So head over to IG, Etsy, and Twitter and follow this kawaii artist! Shop small and support handmade! xo

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