Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Adventure to Star Comics Ladies Night

I'm a huge fan of Nerd Burger, and that's pretty much where I get all my comic book knowledge even though I don't really read a ton of comics. Not that I don't want to read comics, it's just one of those things that can be a bit intimidating...sorta like actually going to a comic book store.

While at the Lubbock Arts Festival a couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon a booth about Lubbock Con + Star Comics and saw a rad flyer about Ladies Night and picked it up right away.

Banner made by Sam Gaitan
Everyone was encouraged to dress up. I'm not big on costumes, but I am big on the everyday cosplay. I decided to wear my Bee and Puppycat shirt from We Love Fine and a cute jumper to keep it casual.

There were a few comics that I know I wanted to pick up. Obviously I needed all the Bee and Puppycat and Lumberjanes. Here are few of the others I grabbed:

I've already finished Jem and the Holograms and can't wait for issue 2 (which came out today)! I'm working my way through Lumberjanes now. I would definitely recommend Star Comics to anyone looking to delve into the world of comics. The staff was super nice and it's super organized, making it easy to find the genre you're interested in.

Another reason why I really wanted to go was to meet other geeky ladies! I was really nervous because I'm pretty much a hermit these days and my people skills range in the super awkward realm, and I don't know a lot about comics...but I did talk to several ladies and everyone was super nice. I'm excited for the prospects of a local Geek Girl Brunch chapter and the upcoming local comic cons.
What comics do you recommend? I'll be heading up to Star Comics this weekend for Free Comic Book Day!

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