Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Wishlist

My husband and I don't really get each other gifts besides the occasional record + Lush bath bomb, but I still like the make a Christmas/Birthday Wishlist. This year my wishlist is full of things I would love to have, but for some reason are super pricey...

1. Apple Watch. I currently have a Fitbit, but I feel like I would like all the features of an Apple they're shiny.

2. iPad Pro + Pencil. I want to start learning how to do more digital art. All of the illustrations I've seen with people using the Ipad have been amazing!

3. Chanel No 5 L'eau Perfume. I am a perfume snob. Buying expensive perfume used to be my go to retail therapy, but since having a kid I haven't bought any. I'm also out of perfume and this one smells so good!

4. Classic Toms in black. My feet really like being comfy + cozy. Currently I can't wear more than some Toms or Minnetonka moccasins because I have a pesky broken toe problem. Black is my new go to color for everything.

5. Bee & The Fox Sweatshirt. I've had this Mama Bird sweatshirt on my list for a's now a tank top too.

6. Kanken Backpack in pink. I've seen these all over Instagram and they seem pretty handy. With a kid carrying a backpack makes life a little easier.

Of course I have a mile long list of books on my Amazon wishlist....

What's on your Christmas wishlist? Do you have a holiday birthday? Mine is December 31st...

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