Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I remember talking with a friend about how much we hate the phrase 'twentysomething', but now that I'm in my thirties I figure it's easier to say "thirtysomething' than remember exactly how old I am. (If you want to get technical, I just turned 33 on New Year's Eve.) I get super emo around my birthday because it's a holiday + gets forgotten in all the New Year's glam. (Also, everything closes early.)

This year was no exception and I was a super emo Debby Downer, but today I saw a post on The Pioneer Woman about her birthday. Reading her post made me decide to put my big girl panties on and be grateful for my 33 years.

Here are some of the highlights + the story of my life (the short version) so far....

Me at 6. Quirky + loving cake forever!

High school + big dreams of being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader when I grew up. (That's me, bottom left).

Then I went to college and tried new things. (I was not destined to be a rock star, but I did find my love for art.)

Graduated college with an art degree + met lots of creative people. (Thanks for being so rad Brooke!)

I met a cool guy in a band. I traveled around the country to some great tunes + with some fun people.

Married that cute guy.

We decided to have a baby! (Hi Brooke <left> + Teresa <right>)!

Now that baby is a three year old and here I am drawing Cutie Marks on little arms + legs, learning about the joys of potty training, and trying to figure out how to balance what I want to do in life with making sure my kiddo grows up to contribute more to society than letting everyone know broccoli is disgusting. >_<

As a side note about birthdays, I am making a vow to send birthday cards to people this year. Facebook be damned.


  1. I can so relate to these feelings. It's good to reflect on the years of happiness. Happy belated birthday!

    1. Thank you! It felt good to not focus on the actual day, but my life. :)

  2. What gorgeous photos! I had no idea it was your birfday on New Year's Eve, so Happy Belated Birthday! If it makes you feel better, my mom's is Christmas Eve, and my bro's is New Year's Day. Mine is the 30th this month, at a time when it feels everyone is "over" the whole "new year elation" and it's not quite the last day of January, so it just feels blah and un-special. Ha.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Holiday birthday's are the worst!! Happy early birthday to you! I hope it's extra special! xo

  4. Happy belated birthday! While I don't personally know the pain of a birthday crammed into a holiday, my daughter's birthday is December 18th, and I have vowed to always make it a special event so she never has that feeling!
    Also, I think I'm going to entirely join in with your idea to mail birthday cards. I'm on a mission to send out more snail mail this year, and that's a perfect way to do so!