Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Study in Pink

This year I wanted to try a 365 day project, hoping to challenge myself and actually finish something. I'm really bad about starting things and never finishing them...almost as bad as changing the color of my hair....

My goal for myself is to keep my hair pink for an entire year! This is quite the challenge for me...

I'm also doing a sort of daily doodle where I illustrate bits of my life. I started this week, and I've been sharing over on Instagram. The only rule I made for myself is to use pink as the only color (besides black) in my doodles.

My bangs are getting so long they're in my glasses + my hands are so cold I've just been warming them on mugs of coffee + tea all day... This marker was awful for coloring in. Hoping to invest in some copics this year.

In my illustrations this week I've been using a scrapbooking artist marker, Sakura Micron {1 + 5} + a Sakura Pigma Sensei {06} in a moleskine journal. I have to rip my pages out because I'm left handed and need to turn my paper a lot so I don't smear the ink. I just realized yesterday that this moleskine has tear out pages >_<.

Today's #dailydoodle Doing yoga with a toddler. She calls it yogo. 😂 This turned out as more of a caricature, but I tried working on things I struggle with like body parts. 

I've been trying to break out of my comfort zone and work on the things I struggle with. I've never been good at drawing body parts (hello got a big fat C in figure drawing), so I've been incorporating more full body drawings. Also hands and feet are always wonky, but hopefully this daily practice will help me improve my skills + evolve my style a bit.

 Laundry day feels. That meme about it being the never ending story as an adult is so true! The threenager loves piles of laundry though.

I haven't been worrying too much about proportions or perspective, which makes it fun. Also, my style doesn't really take any rules into account. I just want to draw everyday + have fun. This weekend I'll be hitting up the craft store in search of some new pink markers + watercolors. 

What color are you loving right now? Do you think I can keep my hair pink all year?


  1. Love the idea of only using pink.. And I totally don't notice any issues with your figures/bodies. You have your own style!

    1. thank you! I guess I'm just not confident drawing figures, but I think practicing daily will help with that! >_<

  2. Love your daily drawings! I too love to illustrate daily life things, but I'm still too shy to share them haha. I love that your style shine through in all that you do. I'm still working on that part!

    1. You should totally share! Sometimes I want to delete everything because I start hating it, but I think that's just how artists are. >_< Thank you so much! I am still working on my style + this daily drawing and pink study are part of that. I want to illustrate a kids book soon and I'm hoping this practice will help. I hope you decide to share you art someday! :)