Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I live in West Texas where winters are pretty mild and summers are crazy hot. We experienced our first blizzard right before the New Year, and today is a gross frozen drizzle. Since it's been difficult to get around, we have been in hibernation.

Even though I have plenty to do with shop updates, I've been taking it pretty easy to avoid my previous burnout. Over my break I did a LOT of knitting!

Knitting is such a stress reliever and not too hard on my hands. I was determined to make a cowl this year, and I finally figured out a pattern after watching about 5 different YouTube videos. It was nice to make gifts for my friends + focus on something completely different than painting + illustration.

My next project is a hat. I haven't found a pattern yet, but I've been hunting down this one from Mollie Makes magazine. Or you can find me lurking on Ravelry.

I haven't made any reading goals for 2016, but I'm always excited if I get to read one book a month. I love being a member of the NovelTea Book Club, which helps keep me motivated. This month I'm going to read Landline by Rainbow Rowell. I check in on Goodreads from time to time, (mostly to put what page I'm on since my kid likes to pull out my bookmarks).

Of course there is always coffee + Netflix binges. When I'm not watching Charlie Brown or Glitter Force with the kiddo, I've been watching the Korean drama Kimchi Family. It mostly just makes me want Korean food + all the kimchi.  >_<

What do you like to do when you are snowed in? I'd like to try some David's Tea this winter, let me know if you have any recommendations.


  1. We like to relax by the fireplace when we are snowed in. It's been cold gross and gray here, so I've been coloring in my new book and enjoying the firelight!

    1. What a great idea! I am scared of fire lol but I do like our little gas powered fireplace, I just can't start it myself. I need to crack open my coloring book! Hope you've been well! I need to email you!!!

  2. Somehow you guys in Texas got snow before we did up in New Hampshire! Craziness...we just had a few days of frigid weather (single digits..brrrr) so we are definitely in hibernation mode as well. Awesome that you picked up knitting!

    1. It's been nuts, like you just see people walking everywhere because you can't drive at all. Our city did not prepare for so much snow! My husband said it was like we were in an apocalypse movie like The Road lol. Knitting is fun! PS Your MLP drawing is AMAZING!