Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why Is Your Shop Closed?!

Some of you may have noticed that my online shop is closed. Ever since last Christmas, I haven't been feeling the online retail life, especially coming from working too many grueling years in retail. I love making things, but hate the whole business side and the having to try and sell myself that comes along with it these days.

I keep trying because I want to feel like I'm contributing to our household bills. In reality, running a handmade business costs a lot of money, and it seems the costs keep going up. From platform fees to postage, on top of supplies and marketing it's a nightmare. Truthfully I don't want to charge anyone an arm and a leg for cards + stickers just to come out even.

This year it doesn't seem like I've produced a lot, but I'm always sketching and painting. My passion seems to have shifted from making things to making art. I figured out how to make a repeating pattern and found I make more money with a lot less time commitment using Spoonflower + Society6.

Spoonflower lets other makers use my designs to produce amazing things and it makes me happy to see everyone's creations. Society 6 lets people buy my designs on fun things like mugs + phone cases (which are requested the most) without me having to figure out the logistics of it all, which means less stress + more creating.

Without the pressure of having to constantly be putting new stuff out, be trendy, or jump on the enamel pin bandwagon, I'm finding my quality of life has drastically improved. The time I would use to market, make, package, and all that jazz is now spent on more self love. This month, I've started working out (yay endorphins), taught myself to crochet, been able to start all those home improvement projects, and of course spend even more time with my daughter without worrying about customer messages, marketing + filling orders. My phone not constantly going off has been heavenly.

I know some people thrive on this handmade/entrepreneur life, but it's just not for me. I'll still be creating, but on my own terms. That doesn't mean I won't re-open my online shop at a later date, but for right now I'm happy creating fabric designs.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years! It means a lot to me and thank you to everyone who continues to support my art through purchasing through Spoonflower + Society 6. xo

PS I'll be updating my Society 6 soon + I'm working on a new geeky fabric pattern. Can you guess which fandom I'm diving into?

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  1. Hi Shawna - I TOTALLY 100% get where you are on being a one woman show creating handmade goodies to sell. It gets to be a lot, and I've gone through a similar falling out of love phase too. I'm so glad that Spoonflower and Society 6 are working out so well for you! Your art is so adorable :)

    The Canadian dollar slump has not been kind to me as I pay for most of my sewing supplies in USD, which tacks on an additional nearly 30% to my fabric costs. It's just not feasible to continue making items and selling them for prices that were based on paying 30% less on materials!

    So, I hear ya - and just wanted to give you a virtual high five for giving yourself permission to do what works for you (or to stop doing the part that doesn't!). Have a wonderful rest of 2016!

    -Jenna (from CCEC)