Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This year, I have sketched more than ever, even though no one has seen most of it. Mostly working through defining my style + technique. I'm having a hard time deciding what direction I want to take my work in and my theory is sketching something everyday will help me. I love working with watercolors and I want to improve my skills there, but I also want to try new things.

I signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts Unscripted, which is like a weekly artist date with her. It was nice to see her process and how she recommends the 3 second rule to make a decision so you don't keep second guessing yourself. I have been thinking about doing more original pieces using acrylics or even gouache.

Speaking of painting, I have an amazing easel I can't wait to bust out + I found an old drafting table in my garage (aka Narnia) that just needs to be sanded and painted. I'm currently working on a tiny table that leaves little room for drawing or painting with my computer set up on it.

I'm hoping to just start painting some of my sketches, even if that means having to rework them later to practice some skills. Look for some work in progress shots soon!

What are your favorite mediums to use when painting?

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  1. Me too!! I have done more illustrations this year than I have previously, and I'm definitely trying to define my style (or styles) as well. I have enjoyed drawing more this year than previous years, it's really great.

    I love using acrylic and using puffy acrylic paint on top of a canvas I have already painted. And also, I like to use glitter glue to layer on top of acrylic paint, hehe. This reminds me I want to make some tiny paintings again.

    I want to practice with watercolor more, though.