Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Being Productive

With the new year always comes goals and resolutions (yes I know it's already February). I used to do the One Word for the year thing that I never thought of again and pick resolutions I never kept. I decided to keep it simple and challenge myself this year. A fellow illustrator (Anke Weckmann) started a goal of 100 Days of Productivity to hold herself accountable. She has some really fun printables for you to use too!

I also started using the DONE app. Which is simple and easily customized. Right now I have it set up to remind me to draw, do yoga, declutter something, and do my French lessons with my daughter daily. If I have a tracker with a streak involved it makes me competitive and not want to mess up my streak. Genius! (The app DUOLINGO that we use for French has a streak tracker too!)

Something else that helps me stay on track is calendars and planners. This month I am really focusing on some self care and yoga practice. Taking the time for myself and keeping that little promise to myself has been very important, especially as a busy mom. I'm really enjoying Yoga with Adriene.

Let me know if you have any fun ways to stay on track with your goals and being productive.

Stay Cute xx

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