Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Floral Whimsy

I've been working on several new product designs. Each of these new designs are limited edition right now, with only 2 brooches of each available.

Floral Whimsy is the first in this line to be released!

Recently I've taken to studying flowers and trying to draw/paint them in my style. I've always had a hard time drawing flowers because I felt like they all end up looking the same. I made a Pinterest board to help give me some floral inspiration.

I also created a repeating pattern (which is seen on her shirt) that you can purchase on products in my Society6 shop.

You can also snag mugs, throw pillows, and clocks in this pattern! These will make a great gift, if you are already thinking about Christmas like me!

I want to thank everyone for your support + patience as I work on releasing these new designs and working on more products (hoping to have notebooks soon!). Stay tuned for another new design release soon! xo