Thursday, August 20, 2015

Doctor Who

I know several Whovians, although I don't think I can claim to be one since I haven't watched the entire Doctor Who series yet. I have watched enough (not in any particular order) to know I like the show and need to sit down and binge watch it on Netflix.

My favorite Doctors are 10 + 11 (I can't choose), and of course I really like Amelia Pond (our daughter may or may not be named Amelia from watching bits of this season during pregnancy). I like to skip all the scary episodes, and since my husband has watched it all he gives me the heads up (so I haven't watched any angel episodes).

You can thank my husband + Geek Girl Brunch Lubbock for lighting a fire under me to get this set done! They turned out super cute!

Stickers can be found here or here!

Drawing the Dalek + Sonic Screw Driver was a huge challenge for me since they're kinda of technical, but it was a good reason to watch the show late at night. I wanted to stick to my style of quirky cute, so obviously I didn't want them to look super realistic.

Phone case

You can also find some rad Doctor Who products in my Society6 shop! I plan to buy this case for my husband (but don't tell him!).

Here are a few more favorites:

Tee (unisex + womens)


  Laptop Sleeves

I'm hoping to get some fabric made soon for bows + hopefully some other fun products!

Who is your favorite Doctor?


  1. oh my goodness Shawna - they turned out AH-MAZING!!!
    Now I have to figure out what I need to order!

  2. Oh wow, these. are. fabulous. ♥.♥ I haven't watched the older series, I've only seen Doctor's 9-12. 11 is my favorite!!!

    1. Thank you! I haven't watched the older ones either. I'm pretty fond of 11 :)

  3. Can't wait to get my stickers in...and I need that mug! These are so fabulous, Shawna!

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for your support, you rock! Enjoy the stickers and if you snag a mug, send me a picture!

  4. These turned out absolutely amazing! I can't decide what to get first :D

  5. EEEEEEeeee! These are amazing. I'm going to have to snap some up since the next Geek Girl Brunch Montreal event is Doctor Who themed. So. Cute. And while I appreciate every Doctor on their own merits, my hear with always belong to David Tennant.