Friday, October 2, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: My Apocalypse Dream Team

This week's topic is perfect for October. I also love supernatural/Sci-Fi shows, so choosing 5 is hard.

My Apocalypse Dream Team

1. Buffy

Of course Buffy would be my number 1 choice! It's just another Tuesday for her.

2. Sam + Dean Winchester

Sam + Dean are apocalypse veterans. Also, cute brothers + a nice car = definite dream team.

3. Dumbledore's Army

I think having some magic on your side during an apocalypse would be useful. Having a whole army of witches + wizards on your side seems like an even better idea.

4. Stargate Atlantis Team

I would add the original Stargate SG-1 team too. They fight aliens and save the world, I think they can handle an apocalypse. Also, they have space ships.

5. The Doctor

A Doctor or 2 might come in handy during the apocalypse....

Who is on your Apocalypse Dream Team?


  1. You'd be set for sure with this team! Great list!

  2. Jen and I loved putting together our lists. I do have a HP character, but mine is totally Bellatrix, and I HAD to include Daniel from Stargate SG-1! I thought of the Doctor, but he can't really fight and really, escaping in the TARDIS sounded too easy, haha. Jen has MacGyver and Sesshomaru as two of hers!

    1. Those are all great additions! I love Daniel from Stargate, he's been my crush since forever haha! Sesshomaru is one of my favorite characters from Inuyasha! Sounds like ya'll have a great apocalypse team!!