Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kimono Pigs at Hello Quirky Shop

I've recently discovered the cute world of teacup piglets. It started with the explore page on Instagram, and now I follow several kawaii piglet accounts. My favorites are: @pearlspigtails, @piggypetunia, and @prissy_pig. Sadly, my husband said I can't have a teacup piglet of my very own.

Kimono Pigs are inspired by the cute teacup piglets and my love for anime, particularly Rurouni Kenshin, since I've been watching the live action movies recently. I think kimonos are gorgeous, and I would love to attend a cherry blossom festival someday (and try some dango!).

Hazuki, Yuki, and Kaoru Pig come as colorful brooches to add a little flair to your denim vest or cardigan. You can also send the sticker pack to your pen pal as a kawaii surprise!

Thank you to everyone who has already adopted a Kimono Pig and for your support!


  1. I love these piggies, they are so cute!! what a great idea. And less work than a real teacup piglet, no doubt. ;)

    1. Thank you! My husband convinced me that a toddler and a teacup piglet would be a bad combo. So I'll just keep looking at cute pictures of them online! haha! :)