Friday, September 11, 2015

Apples, Art, and Teamwork!

Sometimes it seems I disappear from this space, but I'm just out living life + raising a cute kiddo. Lately we've been up to our usual shenanigans and adding a few new memories. Last weekend we drove out to the apple orchard and picked apples (one of the few foods Amelia will eat).

Amelia had a great time (even though she got sick in the car on the way >_<), and we've been enjoying those amazing organic apples all week. Something to add to the to do list, learn to bake an apple pie!

Amelia takes after me, and is quite the artist. We spend most of our days painting + coloring. It's been a bit cooler so we've been drawing outside. She's learned her alphabet by sight already, along with numbers 1-10, and her shapes. She's super smart, so we have to keep extra busy or the destructive toddler monster comes out.

When I'm not entertaining + teaching my kiddo, I try to fit in some work. For those of you wondering I only work an hour or 2 a day (and normally not in one go). Most of my work is done after Amelia has gone to bed (on a good day).

Thankfully, I work with some rad people. Melanie of Violet's Buds does my product photography (she took the photo above with one of her amazing hoop art pieces), and we are currently collaborating on a fun project.

If you visit my Etsy shop + look at my about page, you'll notice I added her as member of my team. She deserves all the recognition for all the hard work she does behind the scenes and I'm super thankful for her support!!

Who are you thankful for? Any fun plans for the weekend? I'm going to the eye doctor >_<!

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  1. Amelia is such a cutie! :) I can't wait to go apple picking this year! Apple crisp is my favorite dessert. Yums.